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Tired? <br> Looking for a bed in the near?

Looking for a bed in the near?

Enjoy the evening, <br> after the day

Enjoy the evening,
after the day's work?


Monteurzimmer Schön - Workerooms

Workerrooms on high level

We have high-class Rooms for your employees within an perfect location, in the near to Munich, Ingostadt and Freising. Comfortable Rooms - less money, a perfect stay for your employees. We have enough space for larger groups or just one employee.

Construction company, HR services or any other company

It doesn't matter in which business your company is working in, and how much employees you have, we habe the perfect rooms. Near to Freising, we have a great spot for workers in Munich, Ingolstadt and Freising. Clean and modern Rooms with much space for small and larger groups.

Easy reservation, Experience, and low prices

Many Years of experience let us be able to offer you and your employees good, comfortable and inexpensive rooms. With our knowledge, we know what matters, and are able to offer the best service for our guests.

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