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General Terms

General Terms and Conditions

1. Bookings can be made, by phone, Mail or Fax. We need to know the First- and Lastname of your employee, arrival date and the estimated time of the stay.

2. After booking, a confirmation will be send to you, which should be signed and stamped from your company. Send the signed and stamped confirmation back to us by mail or fax.

3. With prior arrangement, your employee can check in at night too.

4. The invoice will be created before the stay. The invoice is due, 5 days after reciving. The payment is made 14 days or monthly in advance.

5. If a employee stays back for a longer time, and comes back, please tell us about this! If an employee checks-out earlyer as planned, then the remaining time for the room will be calculated and the payment Payment will be refunded for the remaining days.

6. If there are any questions, regarding invoices, please contact us immediately.

7. If there are any changes regarding the bedding, let us know what has changed, that we can calculate everything correct.

8. Legal Venue is Amtsgericht Freising.

Company Profile:

Monteurzimmer Schön was newely foundet in 2012 and is a successful fammily business.
We offer:
- inexpensive and clean rooms
- Convenient location
- Shops in the near
- Free WiFi
- BBQ Area
- free parking space
- For your pleasant stay: Swimming pools, cinemas, miniature golf, restaurant

We offer inexpensive rooms from 9,90€ per Day for Installers, construction workers and large and small groups.

House rules:

All facilities are to be handled with care. Damage to furnishings of the rooms or the living room are charged by the polluter.

The kitchens and laundry rooms are to leave properly. Waste of all kinds must be disposed daily in the containers provided for this purpose.

Nighttime peace is at 10 p.m.

Booking Inquiry

Monteurzimmer Schön

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Legal Venue: Amtsgericht Freising

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